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Aug 17, 2009
" ahh i want to ask... if i have my period and i have sex without protection and my boyfriend cums inside of me, ah is there a possibility that i can get pregnant? help "
Aug 12, 2009
" ah hi.. i know my problem is not too related with original topic.. BUT im 17 years old and i have never had an orgasm while im with my boyfriend.. i always to try to fake it but it is impossible. and he does whatever for me to try to ..."
Aug 10, 2009
" first i want to say congratulations to leeisgettingclean. ah i may not have a drug addiction..but i do have a less obiquitous addiction. ah im addicted to food; eating disorder i guess people would call it. im nouveau on this site..."
Aug 09, 2009
"ah im just 17 ..and i very afraid of the comments that i have read. i do too have white creamy stuff coming out of my vagina. it is odorless and it doesnt itch.. i have been having this since about 3 months ago and i havent really told m..."