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Sep 09, 2015
" professor bolger is about as close as you get to a CM specialist unfortunately I know that some have been to other Neurosurgeons who work in the Hermitage Center. I will see if I can get some names for you. . "
Nov 25, 2014
"Hi. I was diagnosed with Sensorimotor polyneuropathy a few years ago, This is a fancy name for is a condition that causes a decreased ability to move or feel sensation because of nerve damage. The "polly" means it is body wide. Neuro..."
Nov 23, 2014
"Congratulations on 31 years sober. Sobriety is its own reward!! I think your Mother is looking down on you with pride :) Thank you for your support and advice over the years, "
Nov 20, 2014
"Have you had your B12 levels checked? Blood Sugars? neuropathy has many causes one of the most common causes is diabetes so getting your hba1c level checked is important. This blood test gives overall picture of what our average blood..."
Oct 22, 2014
"Hi The muscle twitch you describe sounds like fasciculations. There are many things that could cause your symptoms including degenerative disc disease (DDD) in your neck as your NL explained. The tender back is one of the symptom of S..."
Oct 22, 2014
"An interpersonal person who gives so much of her time to help others. Very grateful to have Selma as a friend. "
Oct 07, 2014
"Sending good wishes for a safe surgery and a fast and painless recovery...."
Oct 07, 2014
"Sorry but I cant remember if it was eventful (you know I could not resist) and my dad never said otherwise so I think it was a smooth birth. My mother died of cancer when I was five......"
Sep 17, 2014
"There are many causes of the symptoms you describe but to be honest you would need to talk to your family doctor as soon as possible. "
Sep 17, 2014
"Chiari can cause these symptoms as can many other conditions including anxiety. Get advice from your family doctor especially with shortness of breath. "