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by sunild1204, Oct 06, 2015
How to lose FAT or do a weight loss with BREATHING =======================================...

by kersh79, Feb 05, 2013
Well it's been 92 days now still no sign of my cycle feeling a bit niffed off now. I a...

by artistpaintmix, Aug 21, 2012
I've started a short three day juice fast reboot. I'm starting with the Mean Gre...

by LuLuBear9, Jan 26, 2012
Im not to much in to the journal thing but hey why not right? This is mostly for me to try ...

by ChitChatNine, May 07, 2011
I joined the Summer Weight Loss Challenge in WL&D Community! Who wants to join me? ...

by kayharris601, Feb 06, 2011
Is it normal to be losing so much weight in the first trimester. I try to eat but it makes ...

by Elliot R Goodman, MDBlank, May 17, 2010 - 29 Comments
INTRODUCING POSE (Primary Obesity Surgery, Endoluminal) POSE is a type of restrictive s...

by conshe, Jan 09, 2010 - 1 Comment
Now I am 21 dpo, and has lost a total of 7lbs and has gained an inch in my waist. I can no ...

by CrystalMis, Dec 23, 2009
One of the new and most popular Herbalife nutrition products is Herbalife Total Control. It...

by Linz87, Aug 21, 2009 - 2 Comments
I am not going to make my goal. Everything else in my life I can fight and fight for until ...