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.okay heres the pd is due in 7 days. I had a horrible migraine on Saturday and ended up in the ER. They did UPT but would not do betaHCG, said it wasn't needed, that it would have shown up. For past 2 weeks, have had Headached, nausea almost on/off all day, exhausted, emotional. I really want to be pg but now since going to the ER feel they stole my thunder by telling me I'm definately not pg. I thought 10 days prior to pd was too soon to show up. I also had very light positives on HPT with my first child. Anxiously waiting....;)
.Just be patient.. I think it would be too early to test anyways... LOTS OF BABY DUST TO YOU :D

.That also is signs of PMS.If you have not missed a period yet they will not do a HCG level test on you.You ned to miss at least one period before going that rout.I wouldn't jump the gun just yet.Give it more time and don't rush needing to know before it's nessary.If you are pregnant it's still way to early.Doubt a HCG level would even show anything.So just relax before you drive yourself nuts and cause yourself to miss your period just because of the stress.Good luck and hope everything goes well with you.

.Well, got my AF here's to trying for a December baby. :)

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