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Abnormally Large Pupils

Forum: The Ophthalmology Forum
Topic: Children's Eye Health

From ToPost
.My daughter has been going to the optometrist since she was 8 1/2. Her eye doctor asked her yesterday if she was driving yet, she told him no, but she had her permit. He told her the following:
Him: I don't want to freak you out...
her: Oh-no...
Him: but this May happen at some point in your life, and I don't want you to worry.
Her: uh.. ok?
Him: If you are ever pulled over, you may be questioned and given a sobriety test; along with others, because you have Abnormally Large Pupils.

He has been logging this since she was 8, and no... she's not on anything. Should I be worried? He seemed to act like it's not a big deal (however now she has to drive around with a doctor's note of explanation). She doesn't have any diseases that we know of, but could this be a bigger deal then he made it sound?

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