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9 Worst Foods for ADD - Plus 1 That Can Help


With candy, it's not just the sugar rush you need to worry about. Several studies have shown that certain food colorings and preservatives can worsen hyperactive behavior in children.

In a 2007 British study, children were significantly more hyperactive and had shorter attention spans after drinking a beverage containing a mixture of food colorings and preservatives than children who drank a similar drink without the additives.

The Food and Drug Administration requires that the two most widely-used food colorings, red No. 40 and yellow No. 5, be clearly listed on food labels. But other food colorings like yellow No. 6 and yellow No. 10 may also increase hyperactive behavior but aren't required by law to be listed.

To lessen ADHD symptoms, avoid brightly colored processed foods ' they're likely high in food additives.