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Living with HIV: 5 Things Women Should Know

Prepare Food Carefully

Prepare Food Carefully

Living with HIV won't stop you from doing many of the things you love — including cooking for yourself or your family. However, people with HIV do need to take special care to prepare food safely. Doing so can prevent infections from food-borne illness. Avoid eating raw foods, including raw eggs or seafood. Keep your hands, cooking surfaces and utensils clean. Rinse fruits and vegetables well, cook foods to a safe internal temperature (use a food thermometer to check), refrigerate leftovers within 1 to 2 hours of eating them and make sure your refrigerator's temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

By Jenilee Matz, MPH. Published August xx, 2013. Jen is a freelance health and fitness writer with a passion for running. In previous roles, Jen was a staff writer for The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and