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Why Do I Need a Care Team?


You know what they say: “Learn from your mistakes.” This is especially important when it comes to managing diabetes — as some mistakes can be more serious than others. Here's a lesson you can take away to care for your condition like a pro.

Management Mistake: Going it alone

What if managing your diabetes has hardly slowed you down? You limit sugar, watch your carb intake and, overall, feel you have a good handle on your condition. In fact, you’ve even started slacking on scheduling doctor’s appointments, figuring you’ve got it under control. And, hey, you’re too busy to go to all those check-ups anyway. But while it’s great to be confident, your health is one area where insisting on independence can really cost you. Your diabetes care team is a “team” for a reason. Remember, there’s no “I” in team! 

Mistake Managed! Diabetes is an all-hands-on-deck effort. Not only are more frequent primary care and endocrinology appointments non-negotiable, but so are regular check-ins with nutritionists, dentists and podiatrists. “Diabetes might be affecting your body more than you realize,” says Ann Doherty, RN, CDE, manager of the diabetes center at Alta Bates Medical Center in Berkeley, CA. Even if you feel fine, double-checking that everything’s running smoothly is never a waste of time. Also activate your support system at home: Make sure your family, friends and coworkers are aware of your condition and any special needs you might have associated with it. Even the lonest of wolves needs a little help from the pack sometimes!


Published on April 20, 2015.


—by Katie Lewin. Katie is a health and lifestyle writer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Reviewed by Shira Goldenholz, MD, MPH on February 13, 2015.
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