Ashish Mittal, MD  

Specialties: Psychiatry, sex education, Couples Therapy

MD, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi - 2004
1) "EARLY ONSET SEVERE OCD WITH SLOWNESS: A CASE REPORT AND DEMONSTRATION OF MANAGEMENT"(Poster). Ashish Mittal, P Majumder, A Agrawal, M Sood, SK Khandelwal. Indian Journal of Psychiatry. Vol.52, Issue 5 (2010) 2) Poster titled "Assessment of parent’s satisfaction in ADHD patient with or without conducts symptoms" at 10th Biennial conference of Indian association of child and adolescent mental health, AIIMS, New Delhi. 3) A paper titled ‘TREATMENT INDUCED TARDIVE DYSKINESIA - A CURIOUS ETIOLOGY FOR CANCER OF THE ORAL TONGUE: a case report and review of literature’ awaiting publication. 4) "CLOZAPINE INDUCED EOSIONOPHILIA". Paper accepted for publication in Indian Journal of Psychiatry.