Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D.  

Specialties: Sexuality, family, Sexual Identity

BA, Washington University in St LouisUndergraduate, 2007 - 2007
MA, Washington University in St LouisGraduate, 2007 - 2007
M.Phil., Yale UniversityGraduate, 2007 - 2007
Ph.D., Yale UniversityGraduate, 2007 - 2007
1972 - Present - Professor, Department of Sociology University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
Professional Publications
Go to faculty.washington.edu/couples for vita
Or www.drpepperschwartz.com
Professional Memberships
American Sociological Association, International Academy of Sex Research
Past President, Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality
Chairperson, National Sexuality Resource Center
Fellow, Contemporary Council on the Family
Recent Blog Entries

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