Lee Kirksey, MD  
Cleveland , OH

Specialties: Peripheral Arterial Disease, PAD

Interests: vascular, specialist, treatment options
Medical Practice
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Dr Kirksey is a vascular surgeon formerly at Penn Presbyterian of The University of Pennsylvania healthcare system and now at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, medical and surgical treatment of blood vessel disorders of the body. The Cleveland Clinic is recognized as one of the top four cardiovascular programs by the US World and News annual report for the 17th consecutive year. Learn more at www.ccf.org
BS, Zoology, Ohio State UniversityUndergraduate,
MBA, -, NYU Stern College of BusinessGraduate,
MD, -, Ohio State UniversityPost Graduate,
Medical Training
General Surgery, The Graduate Hospital of Philadelphia - Residency
Vascular Surgery, Newark Beth Israel, Mount Sinai School of Medicine - Fellowship
Endovascular Surgery, Newark Beth Israel, Mount Sinai School of Medicine - Fellowship
Board Certification
Special Certification in Vascular Surgery
General Surgery
Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery, U of PA School of Medicine
Medical Director, Penn Presbyterian Wound Care Center
Medical Director, US Vascular Dialysis Access Center
About Me
Dr Kirksey is a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon which means that after 5 years of general surgical training, he has completed 2 additional years studying the diagnosis, prevention, non operative and surgical management of vascular diseases. Dr Kirksey has a particular interest in the prevention of vascular disease and the minimally invasive management. He has recent publications on the economic impact of untreated cardiovascular disease.
Patient Education-Treatment Videos
Most people only know about vascular disease as a vague concept. These videos illustrate several operations used for the treatment of vascular disease. It may be just what you need to motivate lifestyle changes. Paste the code in your address bar to view peripheral vascular disease treatments. http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1078667083
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