Terri Warren, RN, Adult Nurse Practitioner  
Portland, OR

Specialties: STI/STD

Interests: Herpes Simplex, Herpes, HSV-1, HSV-2
Westover Heights Clinic
Portland, OR
Medical Practice
Westover Heights Clinic
In addition to specializing in STDs, we have two primary care providers in our office, Dr. Helen Henry and Dr. Mary Meyer, who see patients for routine internal medicine visits. Sheryl Horwitz an Susanne Davies are women's health care nurse practitioners who do a terrific job taking care of our female patients.
Phone: 503-226-6678
Fax: 503-226-4307
Hours: Monday, Thursday and Friday 9-5, Tues and Wed, 9-7
Open for new patients
BSN, Nursing, Oregon Health Sciences UniversityUndergraduate, - 1982
MS, Nursing, University of PortlandGraduate, - 1993
M.Ed , Counseling, Western Oregon UniversityGraduate, - 1987
BA, Psychology, Tarkio CollegeUndergraduate, 1967 - 1970
Westover Heights Clinic
Author: “The Good News About the Bad News” available from Amazon.com

Author: “Updated Herpes Handbook”

Co-Author: " "Tender Talk: A Guide to Intimate Communication"

Herpes Patient Counseling DVD
Terri J. Warren 2330 Northwest Flanders, #207 Portland, OR 97210 503-226-6678 [email protected] Current as of January 2009 EDUCATION 1970 Psychology Tarkio College, Tarkio, Missouri, B.A. 1973 Ed/Counseling Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR, M.Ed. 1982 Nursing Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, OR, B.S.N. 1994 Nursing University of Portland, Nurse Practitioner program, M.S. LICENSURE RN, Oregon State Board of Nursing, License No. 82011212RN ANP, Oregon State Board of Nursing, License No. 82011212N3 RN, California Board of Registered Nursing, License No. RN 530313 ANP, California Board of Registered Nursing, License No. 12067 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 1982-present Owner and Nurse Practitioner, Westover Heights Clinic, Portland, OR 97210 1999-2008 “Expert and responder,” WebMD Genital Herpes Message Board PUBLICATIONS Fife KH, Warren TJ, Justus SE, Heitman CK, on behalf of the HS2100275 study team. 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Association of major histocompatibility complex determinants with the development of symptomatic and asymptomatic genital herpes simplex virus type 2 infections. J of Infect Dis 1999 May; 179: 1077-85. Warren T, Warren R. Tender Talk: A guide to intimate conversations. Portland Press. 1985. Warren T, Warren R. The Updated Herpes Handbook. Portland Press. 1985-2007. PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS Herpes Scientific Advisory Committee, American Social Health Association HPV Scientific Advisory Committee, American Social Health Association Oregon Nurses Association Nurse Practitioners of Oregon American Sexually Transmitted Disease Association International Society for Antiviral Research Association of Reproductive Health Professionals IUSTI Member American Society for Microbiology PERSONAL AFFILIATION Sierra Club National Public Radio Cornerstone Society League of Women Voters Planned Parenthood Supporting Member
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