Elaine Brown, MD  
Female, 61
Billings, MT

Specialties: Pregnancy, Gynecology

Interests: obstetrics & gynecology, Gynecology
Elaine Brown, MD - BLOG
(406) 252-0022
Billings, MT
Medical Practice
Elaine Brown, MD - BLOG
Shiloh Medical Clinic provides basic womans wellness services of all types. Additionally, we are offering Genityte for treatment of urinary and rectal incontinence as well as therapy for pelvic floor relaxation. Finally, we are happy to offer our clients an extensive line of anti-aging procedures based primarily upon intensive pulsed ultra-violet light. Recently, we have added CoolSculpt, a non-invasive therapy for reduction of "love handles" and other bothersome bulges.
Phone: (406) 252-0022
BS, -, Texas A&M UniversityUndergraduate, - 1984
MD, -, University of Texas, SouthwesternPost Graduate, - 1988
Medical Training
Harvard University – Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital - Internship - 1988 - 1989
OB/GYN – Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital - Residency - 1989 - 1992
Board Certification
American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology
About Me
Family is my top priority right now, but other interests include computers/information technology, Internet marketing, gardening, gourmet cooking, scuba diving, embroidery and weight lifting.
Honors & Awards
1997 – Provider of the Year at Pacificare Medical Center
Special Interests:
I have recently become quite interested in website design and development. I have found this to be a good outlet for my creative side. I would encourage anyone interested to see my work at BLaST creative. www.blstcreative.com Check it out!
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