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Common Brand Name(s): Creon, Pancrease, Protilase, Ultrase, Zenpep, Zymase
Phonetic Pronunciation: (pan-kreh-LIP-aze)
Information last revised August 2010

What does PANCRELIPASE EC CAP -ORAL look like?

Mcn03460Pancrease MT 20 20,000-44,000-56,000 unit Cap
Etx00310Pangestyme EC 4,500-25,000-20,000 unit Cap
Etx00290Pangestyme CN 10 10,000-37,500-33,200 unit Cap
Glb70550Lipram-PN20 20,000-44,000-56,000 unit Cap
Bkr04070Panocaps MT 16 16,000-48,000-48,000 unit Cap
Sol12120Creon 12,000-38,000-60,000 unit Cap
Eur01030Zenpep 20,000-68,000-109,000 unit Cap
Svy12200Creon 20 497 mg(20,000-75K-66.4K unit) Cap
Etx00280Pangestyme MT 16 16,000-48,000-48,000 unit Cap
Glb70350Lipram 4500 4,500-25,000-20,000 unit Cap
Dig00030Pancrecarb MS-16 16,000-52,000-52,000 unit Cap
Bkr04060Panocaps 4,500-25,000-20,000 unit Cap
Sol12240Creon 24,000-76,000-120,000 unit Cap
Eur01000Zenpep 5,000-17,000-27,000 unit Cap
Svy12050Creon 5 124 mg (5K-18.75K-16.6K unit) Cap
Etx00490Pangestyme UL 18 18,000-58,500-58,500 unit Cap
Glb70400Lipram-PN10 10,000-30,000-30,000 unit Cap
Bkr04090Ultracaps MT 20 20,000-65,000-65,000 unit Cap
Bkr04100Palcaps 10 10,000-37,500-33,200 unit Cap
Sol12060Creon 6,000-19,000-30,000 unit Cap
Eur01010Zenpep 10,000-34,000-55,000 unit Cap
Etx00300Pangestyme CN 20 20,000-75,000-66,400 unit Cap
Etx00500Pangestyme UL 20 20,000-65,000-65,000 unit Cap
Glb7023zLipram-PN16 16,000-48,000-48,000 unit Cap
Bkr04080Panocaps MT 20 20,000-44,000-56,000 unit Cap
Xgn90450Pancrelipase 4500 4,500-25,000-20,000 unit Cap
Eur01020Zenpep 15,000-51,000-82,000 unit Cap
Xge02050Pancrelipase 5000 5,000-17,000-27,000 unit Cap


This medication contains digestive enzymes to help break down and digest fats, starch, and proteins in food. It is used in conditions where the pancreas cannot make or does not release enough digestive enzymes into the small intestines to digest the food (e.g., chronic pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis, cancer of the pancreas, post-pancreatectomy, post-gastrointestinal bypass surgery).
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