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Common Brand Name(s): Estrace, Femtrace, Gynodiol
Phonetic Pronunciation: (ES-tra-DYE-ol/ETH-ih-nill ES-tra-DYE-ol)
Information last revised May 2010


Myn14580estradiol 2 mg Tab
Wct03890Femtrace 0.45 mg Tab
Wct07220Estrace 2 mg Tab
Wts04870estradiol 1 mg Tab
Wct03900Femtrace 0.9 mg Tab
Wcp07210Estrace 1 mg Tab
Wts05280estradiol 0.5 mg Tab
Wct03910Femtrace 1.8 mg Tab
Wts04880estradiol 2 mg Tab
Wcp07200Estrace 0.5 mg Tab


This medication is a female estrogen hormone and is usually given to women who no longer produce the amount of estrogen they produced before menopause. It is a very effective treatment for reducing a common menopause symptom (intense feelings of warmth and sweating known as hot flashes). If you need treatment only for vaginal menopause symptoms (e.g., vaginal dryness), products applied directly inside the vagina should be considered before medications that are taken by mouth, absorbed through the skin, or injected. Certain estrogen products may also be used to prevent bone loss (osteoporosis) in people at high risk who cannot take non-estrogen drugs. There are several other medications (e.g., raloxifene, bisphosphonates such as alendronate) that are safe and effective to prevent or treat bone loss. These medicines should be considered for use before estrogen treatment. Certain estrogen products may also be used to treat certain cancers in men and women (e.g., certain types of metastatic breast cancer, prostate cancer) and other conditions as determined by your doctor.
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