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metoclopramide Oral | metoclopramide Inj


Common Brand Name(s): Reglan
Phonetic Pronunciation: (met-o-KLO-pruh-mide)
Information last revised May 2010

What does METOCLOPRAMIDE-ORAL look like?

Mua03840metoclopramide 5 mg Tab
Pai05760metoclopramide 5 mg/5 mL Oral Soln
Qlt46150metoclopramide 10 mg Tab
Wye67010Reglan 10 mg Tab
Wye67050Reglan 5 mg Tab
Nrt00620metoclopramide 10 mg Tab
Mgp0622zmetoclopramide 5 mg/5 mL Oral Soln
Alv67010Reglan 10 mg Tab
Ani11060metoclopramide 5 mg/5 mL Oral Soln
Slx05080metoclopramide 5 mg/5 mL Oral Soln
Qlt46140metoclopramide 5 mg Tab
Pur08450metoclopramide 5 mg Tab


This medication is used to treat certain conditions of the stomach and intestines. Metoclopramide is used as a short-term treatment (4 to 12 weeks) for persistent heartburn when the usual medicines do not work well enough. It is used mostly for heartburn that occurs after a meal or during the daytime. Treating persistent heartburn can decrease the damage done by stomach acid to the swallowing tube (esophagus) and help healing. Metoclopramide is also used in diabetic patients who have poor emptying of their stomachs (gastroparesis). Treating gastroparesis can decrease symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and stomach/abdominal fullness. Metoclopramide works by blocking a natural substance (dopamine). It speeds up stomach emptying and movement of the upper intestines.
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