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Common Brand Name(s): Kerafoam, Keralac, Kerol, Umecta
Phonetic Pronunciation: (ue-REE-a)
Information last revised May 2010

What does UREA (KERATOLYTIC)-TOPICAL look like?

Aaa06480urea 50 % Topical Soln
Qui00400Hydro 40 40 % Topical Foam
Hit07070Urealac 50 % Topical Susp
Phd06430Kerol AD 45 % Topical Emulsion Pump
Rve04290urea 45 % Topical Cream
Dok06450Kerol 50 % Topical Susp
Jsj00180Umecta PD 40 % Topical Suspension
Aaa06450Urea (with la & sal acid) 50 % Topical Susp
Jsj00040Umecta 40 % Topical
Jsj00050Umecta 40 % Topical Susp
Ons01570Kerafoam 30 % Topical Foam
Mtk02200Uramaxin 20 % Topical Foam
Ons01810Kerafoam 42 % Topical Foam
Rve03540RE-U40 40 % Topical Foam
Mtk02500Uramaxin GT 45 % Topical Gel
Prg01710urea 40 % Topical Gel
Rve02610Urea (with la & sal acid) 50 % Topical Susp
Jsj00200Umecta 40 % Topical Foam
Jsj00041Umecta 40 % Topical
Fga04900urea 50 % Topical Gel


Urea is used to treat dry/rough skin conditions (e.g., eczema, psoriasis, corns, callus) and some nail problems (e.g., ingrown nails). It may also be used to help remove dead tissue in some wounds to help wound healing. Urea is known as a keratolytic. It increases moisture in the skin by softening/dissolving the horny substance (keratin) holding the top layer of skin cells together. This effect helps the dead skin cells fall off and helps the skin keep more water in.
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