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8 Common Fertility Myths Busted

MYTH: The Pill Reduces Fertility

MYTH: The Pill Reduces Fertility

Studies examining the possible connection between fertility and the use of oral contraceptives, also known as “the pill,” indicate that previous use of the pill as birth control doesn’t seem to impact a woman’s likelihood to conceive. For example, a recent study followed nearly 3,700 women for a period of nearly 3 years. These women had two important things in common: they had a history of using the pill for birth control and were trying to conceive at the time of the study. The study results showed that, in general, use of oral contraceptives, even for many years, was not found to be associated with a decrease in ability to conceive. 

By Nicole Ferring Holovach, MS, RD. Published on June 26, 2012. Updated on November 23, 2015. Nicole is a Washington, DC-based nutrition communications professional, writer, and health and wellness educator. She blogs about holistic health at
Reviewed by Shira R. Goldenholz, MD, MPH on August 12, 2015.