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A place to Relax, is a group for those who wish to take their minds off of their pain, or any other problem life may throw your way, to relax and have fun. You may play games, chat about Tv shows/movies, books, video games, sports, etc. Any topic is allowed to be discussed here, EXCEPT medical issues. Why? Since this group is based on temporarily forgetting the pain/worries of everyday life, and helping you relax, those type of posts are banned. Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions. Thanks for joining! I hope you'll enjoy it here! :)
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If for some reason, you were only allowed to have one dog or cat (Only one pet in total), which one would you have? Why?
I joined this forum a few days ago. Is anybody on this forum ?
My favorite musical band is The Eagles. I actually saw The Eagles in concert in 1998. I bought an Eagles T shirt at that time which I ...
Yesterday I posted the question. Is anyone on this forum? What I meant to say is anyone visiting this forum ? I noticed that the last...
Just joined this forum a few days ago. I liked the name of this group because who doesn't like a place to relax. Eve
Here's another game: 1st person should post a word. (For example: Pet) 2nd person should post a word associated with the 1st. (For ...
Wondering if there was anyone around here? I'm pretty new to this and pretty new to the internet.
One person should name a band The next posts one song by the above band, then posts the next band under the song title. This game wo...
I like the idea of socializing in an area related to pain issues and forgetting about the pain. I know pain is an annoying way of life bu...
Let's play a game. The 1st person posts an animal. The 2nd person uses the last letter of that animal's name, and posts a new ani...
Anyone still an active member of this group?
Well, the Thanksgiving holidays are over with and I can actually say I enjoyed them for the first time in years. My former years have bee...
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