You have gone threw withdrawl and you are off ALL of drugs now.Here comes that hard part staying clean .Long term recovery is hard and takes continous work and support .Learning and dealing with PAWS. Learning what trigger set us off .This is all sort of thing we will dicuss in the group . Avis
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I am wondering how many of us have close family members that had addiction problems as well.I am adopted so I dont know with them.I howev...
Just to thank everyone. I am now 69 days clean even in the midst of my father's progressive dementia and decline. Can't believe it. Could...
Well I've made it to 90 days,thanks for everyones help.I had my blood test yesterday to check my liver and I see my doctor tomorrow to ge...
I am putting this in our group as well because I know alot of us take NSAIDs to help keep us in recovery.So here is the thing there are ...
I didn't know how to post this but I wanted this group to know that my father is dying. His Parkinson's has rapidly progressed since his ...
I see so many of us on the forum talking about having bad days and what a struggle they can be. After we go thru wd's we sometimes seem ...
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