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I had a few blood tests done at my physical and seen a couple levels that were a little high and I’m not sure if I should be worried or n...
So here we go. In the beginning of February I was at a family birthday party with about 19 people. Of the 19 people 14 got sick with and ...
I am finding the tablets hard to swallow
I'm having some problems that include extreme fatigue, weird bruises, bone pain(especially in hip and legs), itchy skin all over, cough, ...
My son just had his lab results back and they numbers are rather odd to me. Netrohilis 13.4 Monocytes 1.3 White blood cell 20 ...
My 6yo daughter has ESR of 84, CRP of 4.73. WBC 11.79, RBC 3.48, HGB 9.7 HCT 29.9, Platelet 343. She had fever for 32 days prior to star...
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