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This is a pediatric and adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) patient community. Discussions include symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and support.
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Salam hi I had test for hiv from aga khan hospital after 5 weeks of exposure I had massage from dubai but I have symptoms of hiv what sho...
What do you experts make of this data ? I can also send screenshot of the report, if you require. Thanks
Hi my wife is suffering from fever , chills, headache & stomach ache Since last 4 days I have got done her cbp test and it was found th...
My neutrophils absolute score is high 7.1x10E3/uL, Eos absolute high 0.5x10E3/uL, Ast high 64 IU/Ul, AND my Alt is high 52 IU/Ul I'm nega...
I need to know if after the removal of cervical lymph nodes and with a biopsy report of nil malignanacy, is Acute leukaemia possible with...
Last 15 days ago i did cbc was normal. Yesterday i fall in high fever with body pain. Last few days i noticed my urine colour is little b...
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