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Drug or alcohol addiction can be a difficult thing to recover from as your body becomes physically dependant on these substances. Discuss topics including alcohol/drug rehab centers or programs, share rehab stories and offer support, and long term recovery post-rehab.
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I'm going to start a detox modifieing the Thomas method. Alieve, nurontin, t-rison B6 multivitmin. Excuse my spelling not good with these...
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I have chronic low back and left leg pain for which I've been taking oxycontin for about 10 years. Right now I'm taking about 300mg Oxy...
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Hello all, This is a warning for everyone who is planning or want to go for treatment at Castle Craig(Scotland) My story needs to war...
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I am trying to taper off prescription prescribed Norco. I was prescribed them for degenerative disc in neck and back..I have c/t off of t...
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Hi I'm going to go on subs. First 24hrs will be bad before I start... My question- what/how do you physically + emotionally feel afte...
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I've been clean a week and I'm really craving a drink and cocaine for tonight. I know I shouldn't cause I feel better for it but the thou...
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im having anxiety so badly just trying to taper. I was taking 50mgs a day of Norco ran out been on 20 a day for 3 weeks and withdrawals s...
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how come there is no chat room that peeps can talk like a forum back and forth to each other?
I'm new to Nashville and I have bluecross blue shield anthem does anyone know a suboxone Dr that's accepts this.
my best friend snorted cocaine at 35 weeks pregnant. How long will it take for the drug not to show up in her or the babys system. It was...
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Is 62 days clean enough for a individual to pass a urine screen at the lowest cut offs, 150ng/ml to 100ng/ml for cocaine and its metaboli...
I'm planning on detoxing tomorrow, an at home detox. Off heroin and Xanax, I've done them many times before but have only been successful...
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i have a friend that has been using meth off and on for the past 7 months of her pregnancy. she recently broke down and admitted to me th...
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I am a recovering heroin addict. I relapsed after a year of sobriety for 9 months. I stopped for a few weeks before I got pregnant for th...
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Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has anyone has any advice - or has experienced - intense, ongoing all day headaches whilst using Campra...
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how do I detox, with out meds,,, any secrets,, I do not take medication,,
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Hi I have had an addiction to Dihydrocodeine and codeine since age 9 (I had headaches since age 8) and I'm 30. I'm soon being placed int...
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I am in JAX.FL and I am looking to transfer to 1 of the 2 clinics in Reno. I have been clean for 7yrs at 150 milligram's. I was told 13...
Hi everyone, Im new to this site and relieved really that I have somewhere to go and get support. I was heavy on cocaine and alcohol for ...
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For those who were talking about rapid detox or considering it I saw it somewhere and not sure it was here but I'll post anyway because w...
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