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This is a patient community for alcohol/drug rehab centers. Discussions include 12-step programs, inpatient/outpatient, insurance, and cost.
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Does anyone know for how long Lyrica withdrawal symptoms last for? I was on Lyrica for two and a half weeks and the side effects made me ...
Hello all, Just curious if anyone knows how long suboxone withdrawal lasts. I have been off of it for 31 days and STILL have depressi...
Ecmc only takes you for detox if you're in "acute withdrawal". My problem is I can't stop long enough to get myself into acute w.d! I ha...
How long is a urine specimen shelf life once collected for a cocaine test?
Hi ! I'm new to this site ! I'm addicted to Tylonal #1 for more than 25 years now, at my worst I was taking 18 tabs at one time 2-3 times...
I'm currently on suboxone and have been since September 10, 2012. I started at 24 mg per day and am down to 8 mg. I don't take it every ...
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