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Denver at San Diego th san Francisco at buffalo am Philly...
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This head fogginess is unreal. I expected it, but it is so frustrating to actually TRY to think and you can’t. I was at a deli yesterda...
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I've been a member of this site for a few years. I've had my share of addiction battles with painkillers. I've seen and read the hundre...
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NFL picks week five Arizona at san Francisco th New England at Cleve...
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I came across this site while I was looking around. I've been looking for people to talk to that actually know what I'm going through. ...
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Miami at Cincy th Indy at Jacksonville am Tenness...
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Houston at New England th Arizona at Buffalo am ...
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NYJ at buffalo th san Francisco at Carolina am Dallas at ...
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Carolina at Denver th Tampa bay at Atlanta am Minnesota at Ten...
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two weeks.....................
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Hi, This sounds bad but I need to know... Last night I took my 2 8mg suboxone strips and went to bed, About 5 minutes later my boyfriend ...
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for the past 5 days i have the cold but its been 3 days now i have been seeing blood streaks in the mucus when i blow y nose. but now the...
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Is it normal for a person's blood pressure to go up when they quit drugs? my blood pressure pills were working fine till about a week ag...
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I saw today that..there were 20 heroin overdoses in the last 36 hrs.
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superbowl 50 Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers this is for the hype and glory ladies and...
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I feel like its just a cop out to just admit there is one if you don't actually believe there is. Isn't the whole point of getting clean ...
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I posted this in the wrong spot ... Newbie mistake ... sorry :( --- My partner and I were together 5 years ago when she first started...
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I cant figure out how to join communities..... Would grealty appreciate some help on this :)
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hello all sorry i have been gone for so long its been about a couple years...on and off drugs agian. been off for a couple weeks now . Al...
How do I add a photo to my profile? I can't figure it out! Thanks.
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