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How long after taking a suboxan does it show in your system
I just Lost getting 4 take homes a week, because I was told I had the methadone metabolite but not testing positive for methadone itself....
I have been on the methadone program for almost 6yrs now. I have been clean since march of 2007 from everything but my daily dose of 125m...
Hello everyone. I have been taking Fioricet for a few years but I was able to control it/take it sparingly. For the past year (gosh, ...
I had a heavy prescription pain killer addiction following a bad car accident at 16 (300+mgs, 4 years or so oxys/percs/hydros/w.e), got p...
I've been doing blow every day for almost a year and im 100lbs 5', lately after a line my chest hurts and I feel fainty. Could there be i...
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