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I'm 15 wks an 1day having thoughts about givin my baby up for adoption was wondering on how I would go about it an would I also need both...
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Were do I go to find parents hat want to adopt
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13 weeks pregnant and I am considering adoption I already have a 5 year old and I am NOT able to take care of another child the father is...
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Hey well i am 14w 2d i am looking to place my baby up for adoption with a good stable family
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I am 20 years old and 36+5 days with a baby boy. I am doing an open adoption for my baby boy because my babys father and I are not ready ...
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I'm 19 and 28+5 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. This whole time I hadn't considered adoption till recently when I realized I don't know ...
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Hi all! I'm new to the boards and the adoption process. My husband and I live in GA and we've been married 3 years. I work from home i...
Hello, my husband and I have just finished the homestudy process to adopt. We are sooooo excited!! But now we're wondering if anyone has ...
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My husband and I have been TTC for 4 years now, I'm 23 and he is 25 and I have no idea how anyone affords IBF or if I could even.. when d...
i have had abnormal heart rhymes form since i was 13 years old now i'm 20 years old . i'm think of adopting children because of my condit...
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Had 3 miscarriages who do i see to find out if I'll ever have kids
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Looking to adopt!
Hi! My husband and I have 3 children of our own and would love to bring another child into our home. We have been so blessed and want t...
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We are looking for a baby to adopt.
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Private adoption in Alabama? My husband and I are hoping to adopt privately through our attorney. We would like to adopt an African Ameri...
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I was adopted at a very young age. I don't really know what happened to me. All i know is that I have a Brother and a Sister that i don't...
Hi. I'm a 29 yr old homemaker, with a 28 yr old fiancé. We are getting married July 11th. My question is... what's the best way to start...
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How ddo i go about finding them for him
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Hi I was adopted and wondering how they cope after being adopted and now your pregnant. I need support from people who been adopted them ...
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My partner and I have been seeking about him adopting my son as his father has nothing to do with him. He is on the birth certificate as ...
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