Adulthood: Transitioning Into Forum

Questions in the Transitioning Into Adulthood forum are answered by Dr. Jason Greenberg, PhD. Topics covered include Anxiety, career choice struggles, depression, drug/alcohol abuse, job issues, living on one's own, relationships (parents/family), relationships (romantic), responsibility issues, separation issues, sexual issues, sexual orientation issues
I'm 20 and live at home. I'm a full time student and used to work until I got laid off a few months ago. I've looked for a job since then...
I moved back to my home state of Wisconsin from California almost five months ago and ever since I've been extremely depressed. When I wa...
I dont know the right thing to do . Whats right for my adult children? Daughter and grandson live with my boyfriend and i along with his ...
I have a near 21 year old son and a near 20 year old daughter who have blamed me for being so mean to them while growing up. Son has mos...
My story goes like this when I was very young, may be about 5 or 6, I experienced my first sexual act with my cousin was as at the tim...
I have a 17year old son who i have seen do things that i thought was strange, keeps his room very messy, which is not so strange, but i h...
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