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I was stung twice on the back of my knee and thigh by a red wasp last week on Tuesday. I washed it immediately and after a couple of hou...
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My son woke up two days after he broke his thumb (we didn't know it was broken yet) with both hands and feet swollen and a rash all over....
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I frequently have fluid in my ears when I go to the doctor for dizziness and sinus issues. Blood test showed no allergies, but levels of ...
I currently work stoking shelves and deal with allow of cardboard. Every shift I’m going to I’m ending up with bright red swollen lips an...
Wha is Dermographia? How to treat it? is there a cure for it?
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Does anyone have any suggestions for shoes? My feet are cracked and bleeding from this allergy and I am yet to find a shoe with no rubber.
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ive jus been reading on the patm forums which has given m some sense of hope that i am not crazy> i have been to the doctors, ENT, psycho...
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I had read that someone had a similar problem to mine. Within a few minutes of entering a room, people begin coughing and/or sneezing.(By...
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The 10mg zyrtec is too strong for me so can I cut it in half and take 5mg instead?
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Can an allergic reaction take a month to show up? My friend & her cat moved in with us a month ago and I just developed this horrible itc...
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I noticed it a few nights ago. I was eating a cup of ice cream that I had gotten that night and after I finished, my tongue got rly itchy...
Most of the time my ears are draining like I just got out of the shower. If they're not wet they're flaky with chunks of waxy stuff. Som...
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I posted this under Rhinitis because it's the closest thing I've found so far. So here's the deal: my boyfriend sniffles. All the t...
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I was recently diognosed with hives. I had symtoms the following day after recieving a flu shot. Do you think the flu shot caused the hives?
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For about four months now I have been constantly sniffling. The problem with this is that my nose is dry and I am just sniffing up air. I...
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I've been having occupital headaches and facial tingling. My doc sent me in for a brain MRI. Everything was normal, except the radiolog...
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i started taking zyrtec about 6 months ago for post nasal drip and watery eyes. i took it almost every day and felt much better. i figure...
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Has anyone experienced severe itching problems when they stop taking Zyrtec?
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Hi Everyone. This is my first post. I started having problems about 5 years ago. It was occasional problems such as mild sinus pain/press...
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I've been working for a certain restaurant since December of 2017 repeatedly I have informed all of the managers including the three stor...
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