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My face broke out in a rash/hive reaction on my face, both cheeks. I quit taking it til I call my dr n the morn. How long does it take fo...
I have been having off and on hives for several months now. Sometimes it’s just one or two hives on the face, arm, back of legs, sometim...
Hello. Around a week ago, I started feeling itchy all over the body. In a day, I started developing bumps similar to hives ones. Since...
I have noticed over the past 2 weeks that I have a constant dust or smoke smell in my nasal passages. No one smokes in my home and I have...
I get white places on my skin that sting after handling some plastic wrappers on bread, etc. Anyone else have that happen? I haven't figu...
I react to to Pine Sol. My eye lids swell up and my eyes turn bright red. My nose runs like crazy, I'll get a headache and I find it diff...
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