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A few months after my Botox injections to the forehead, I noticed my hair falling out in clumps and is very thin at the frontal hairline?...
26, 6'2 275. Healthy, no drugs or alcohol. not taking any meds. Hair thinning/balding doesn't start in my family until 40 years old. ...
After Metoprolal is stopped, how long does telogen effluvium continue? I stopped the beta-blocker on Aug.28, 2012, but am still going th...
Losing a lot of hair lately. Receding hair line While shampooing i notice a lot of hair falling out My head used to be full of v...
I Hello! I am 19 years old guy and I aquire baldness and so much of hair loss from past 2 years and I suspect that my hereditary is the m...
A lil but above my ear is a bald patch and I’m not sure if it’s growing or not. I’m really scared
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