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Please check with your doctor and do research before using any product or starting any treatment regimen.
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My Mother-in-Law has Acute Flaccid Paralysis due to West Nile Virus Infection. She has been in a comma-like state, eyes open and slight-v...
I'm a recovering addict and during my addiction neglected my dental health. I'm now having a lot of tooth and gum pain. I'm seeing a dent...
Hello, I do not know if this is the right place to ask so I apologise in advance if this question does not belong here. So, I have a s...
Hey everyone like most of you I am so fed up with modern medicine and doctors at least the system anyway. I have severe anxiety and start...
I started seeing a naturopath that is helping me with my symptoms of fatigue/low energy, brain fog, insomnia and acid reflux. I did a sal...
My BP was not that high, but hand tremors interfered with work. Dr put me on a medium extended release dose of beta blocker - it helps, b...
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