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Please check with your doctor and do research before using any product or starting any treatment regimen.
Are there any alternative therapies for Chronic anxiety? I'm interested in this for a teenager and am happy to look into anything.
I know caffeine, spices, etc ( which I avoid like the plague ) makes it worse, but what can ease it? I've been peri-menopause for about ...
Do the extraordinary meridians converge into the regular channels at Luo points CV 15 and GV 1? Or does the chong mai just permeate all t...
Has there been any effort to connect multiple extraordinary points aka Deadman points to follow a trajectory? I can't help but notice tha...
I am a woman in her early 30s who has a rare genetic disorder with multiple comorbidities. My connective tissues are falling apart, my hi...
Hello, I am going to be applying to receive a medical marijuana card for treatment of my Tourette, severe anxiety disorder and PTSD. I...
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