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Please check with your doctor and do research before using any product or starting any treatment regimen.
I could not find the appropriate topic above, so ignore the acupressure. Until a few years ago I had a bad case of varicose veins. The...
I healed my moccasin's style athletes foot. First let me mention that I have tried everything else.. vinegar made it worse, bleach with...
I had my 2 lower impacted wisdom teeth removed on Tues of last week and even though I followed every instruction to a tee I still ended u...
I've been a private troll, lurking behind my computer screen and reading all of the comments on overcoming narcotic pain medication. I mu...
does anyone have any experience of using Usana products? I have a colleague at work who uses them and says they are the highest quality ...
I quit using Advair because of serious side effects. Then I tried an inhaler that did not have salmeterol. Same side effects (choking, ad...
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