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Please check with your doctor and do research before using any product or starting any treatment regimen.
Hello, I do not know if this is the right place to ask so I apologise in advance if this question does not belong here. So, I have a s...
Hey everyone like most of you I am so fed up with modern medicine and doctors at least the system anyway. I have severe anxiety and start...
I started seeing a naturopath that is helping me with my symptoms of fatigue/low energy, brain fog, insomnia and acid reflux. I did a sal...
My BP was not that high, but hand tremors interfered with work. Dr put me on a medium extended release dose of beta blocker - it helps, b...
Trying Curcumin bcm 95 and holy basil for depression and anxiety disorder. Is it safe to add rhodiola rosea to this? Thanks
Hi Could you tell me what is the diet which cured polyps completely.
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