Always Dreaming Group

This is a group to chat about any dreams you have had while you were sleeping, and/or about lucid dreaming.
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Hey everyone! I have a recurring dream about wounds on my body. Different dream-books provide different interpretations. I don't know whi...
Hello! I hope someone will help me to understand my nightmare. I see a recurring dream in which some big animal is chasing me. I alsw...
I moved from my home town to another state almost five years ago. The last few years I've been dreaming about walking on the sidewalks in...
Hi, I divorced my hubby 2 years ago for infidelity.We had been married for 30 years with a family of 2. It hit me hard to learn my my ex...
I have a reoccurring dreams where my brother-in-law's friend rapes me. They usually go something like this: It usually starts out th...
Hi everyone, I just recently joined this site in hope for some answers. I'm 16 year old male and ever since I can remember, I see things ...
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