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In late 2014 my grandmother (84 then) started thinking people who had been dead had visited her that day. It went on with more confusion ...
My Step dad was recently diagnosed with alzheimers' . My Mom lives in a small city that I really don't feel good in and it's away from f...
My wife is 68 and has m.s. she takes prozac,lorazepam for nerves and sleeping,seroquel for major mood swings and now aricept. Is this to ...
My mom has dementia and now it has gone so bad that I am thinking of contacting an assisted living centre in Arizona named Prestige Care ...
Researchers at Tufts University in Boston wanted to examine the effects of walnuts a nut rich in omega-3s on the accumulation of polyubiq...
Hi all, my dad has alzheimers and mom I think is getting dementia. I moved from another state to help them,originally I lived with them. ...
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