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This Ask-a-Doctor forum is for questions and information regarding Alzheimer's Disease.
Our mother started not urinating. She also was constipated. After being hospitalized twice and getting the run around I finally got them...
Hi my previously healthy 26 year old daughter other then severe episodic migraine with aura genetic from her father, has been declining ...
Hello, i am very worried about my dad. He is 63 years old. there no no alzheimers history in the ffamily. All my grandparents died after ...
My mom and my aunt (mom's sister) are both in their mid 80's and suffering from Alzheimer's. My mom was the first one diagnoised 6years a...
I went to the ER at the beginning of the month because I have had swelling around my eyes since June 23. My eyes twitch and they are perf...
hi dr thank you for your time . my mothers moter had alz in her 80 my mother has it now shes in her 60. there are 4 of us daughters ...
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