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Hi i'm sixteen years old and have never had a problem with the down under area, but for the past week or two it hurts to go poop, almost ...
I am 41 years old, when I go to have a bowel movement I have been fainting, vomiting, breaking out in sweats, my lips turn almost gray an...
Hello, I am a 21 year old gay male who has a hard lump inside of my anus. It's rock hard but it doesn't hurt. I can move my middle finge...
Hi, I'm a 31 yo male, I have a question about some ongoing issues. First a little background info. In March, I had a some moderate bleedi...
To be honest i cant believe I have resulted to this! I am having problems it feels like I have a cut around my bum hole and every time I ...
Okay so yesterday all day long my anus had been bothering me a bit, but only when I sat down I had pain. So I finally decided that I nee...
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