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Aneurysm Community

Hello All, I am back for advice on aneurysm. Since the diagnosis in 2013 march, I have been getting MRA's every year to monitor 2mm an...
on 8-4-10 i had coiling surgery on one of three aneurysm's that where found after a brain scan , i have had headaces , sore neck , blurr...
I have recently been diagnosed with a Renal Artery Aneurysm, I know they are rare. I had a very brief and very vague appointment with my ...
Hi I noticed a lump on the upper right side of my neck and it was pulsating faster and much stronger then the left side. It turns out it'...
I have 6 brain aneurysms, had a bleed and it was coiled. Also have aneurysms on right and left coronary arteries and on the left neck art...
I have suffered on and off with bulimia for 20-21 years. I have been told that I have an aortic dilation of 4.2 and I also have a bicuspi...
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