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Aneurysm Community

Hi, I've been having a pulse in my abdomen for about 2 years now. I'm 17 years old and I stopped smoking weed recently because everyti...
My whole abdomen pulses, however this is only usually noticeable when I'm lay down. Even when I'm stood up though, this area in the upper...
Hello my name is Jason. It is my first time to post here and need some help from someone who has similar experience to my situation. I wi...
I was not aware that one needs to take blood level count when taking limictal? Is there a standard blood test that should be taken whe...
I have a friend who is producing to many red blood cells, causing extremely thick blood. He is having blood drawn once a month. He feel...
I have Marfans Syndrome and an enlarged aorta. I am wondering what effects smoking Marijuana can have on my heart or if it could actually...
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