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Aneurysm Community

I have two aneurysms (ascending aortic, and pulmonary) that are under the watchful care of a cardiologist. Recently I have begun to ha...
Alright..so.I.suffer.from.Anxiety.Disorder.Pretty.darn.severe.these.days.and.I.have.a. weird.obsession.about. Brain. Aneurysm.I.have.a...
Is there anyway a thoracic aneurysm could be missed during an ultrasound for AAA?
Hello everyone. I'm glad a found this site, i've searched about aneurysm for years and never found something that explain my doubts, m...
My son in law had a bleeding aneurysm they put in a shunt and took him to angiogram. They couldn't find where it was. I know even a clott...
Since I have an aneurysm of the ascending aorta and a pulmonary aneurysm (to mention two conditions I have with my heart) I follow medica...
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