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I had a ultrasound done a fee years ago and just got the images there is a huge blue area and a giant red area I am trying to see if this...
From the time I was 13 to now that I am 31 I would have these spells whenever I move too fast or breathe too heavily my heart would start...
I just registered here because I have Micro vascular angina and would like more information about it. My pains are not under control b...
My BNP reading is 952. What does that mean? I have had CHF for over 20 years and it has never been a real problem until now. What has ...
I'm struggling to determine exactly what angina feels like. Last year right around this time, I started having fairly bad heart rhythm is...
I have Systemic Sclerosis (10 odd years). Had echo in Sept due to palpitations/pain in left side of chest. Showed mild RAE and Moderate...
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