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I was placed on Bystolic and started having chest pains about a week later. Cardiologist stopped Bystolic and placed me on Metoprolol ER ...
List of Undiagnosed Symptoms - Please See Picture in the Link. Thanks I have been to GP a day ago trying over again to get some direct...
I'm 29 years old, with heart disease, a fib, and gerd. For years I've dealt with this issue, sometimes often, sometimes months apart....
So, August 11th I came down with a cold. About 2weeks later I went to the doctor because I randomly got chest pains (thinking it was a re...
Did I have a heart attack. Q waves (qs) in v1-v4. What are other explanations?
I was diagnose with clogged arteries over a year ago. I even had a stent put in because one of my arteries was ecluded. I still had sta...
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