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This is a patient community for angina. Discussions include symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, and support.
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For about the past couple of weeks, I've been having a sharp pain, which comes and goes, usually in the evening between dinner and bedtim...
Good people I'm experiencing all types of pains in my chest, sharp ones, feeling heaviness and sometimes will feel pain on back. I am no...
My angina test reveals 2 blockadg at LAD which requires 2 stents. And 2 blockage 95%each at LCX. Which is defficult to access. Doctor sa...
Hello everybody! My name is Andy, I am male 36 years old. Let me give you little bit of my medical history that concerns me: - Sin...
My angina test revealed 2 narrowing at LAD which requires 2 stets. Another 2 narrow at OM ( branch of CX )with 85%blockage. Doctor said i...
My mother in law ( 66 Years old, diabetic and hypertensive ) got a heavy breathing problem; when we took her to the hospital they said sh...
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