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Hi Doctor, I'm not sure if this is the correct area to post this question so please let me know if I need to transfer to the correct a...
singular episode of vomiting, 10 hrs after breakfast, just bile, had some unsteady gait during the event, so considered this a red flag. ...
I would like to get an expert opinion on a potential auto-immune disorder. Since the day after receiving a large group of vaccinations a...
Hi how's i going? I have a few questions that I would-appreciate help with. I own a 130 pound 3.5 yr old great pyr. July of this yr he de...
My overweight cat of 3 yrs age, for 4 days now has been unable to have a bowel movement but has been able to urinate strong urine. He now...
Hi im just wondering if anyone knows what this might be...?? 2 Days ago on the lower part of my dogs upper lip i thought there may have ...
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