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This forum is for pet health questions regarding surgery. Questions will be answers by a veterinarian from PetDocsOnCall
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Hi there, my dog is coming to 8yrs and suddenly she just dun move, eat or drink! I'll sent her for check up and blood test and her blood ...
My chihuahua ate a pair of thongs. They were digested partially in the small intestines. They had to remove about 6 inches of his small i...
I was just wanting information on general risks of surgery to remove an adrenal tumor if that is indeed what is the final diagnosis. Fro...
My cat underwent a spay surgery on February 18, 2010. Since then she has been vomiting about once a day. I called the veterinarian this...
Dog is 1.5 y/o un-neutered male German Spaniel. Dog was a rescue dog from a local shelter who clearly had not been seen by a vet before ...
My 3 year old dog was having surgery to remove an ovarian remnant left during her spay. The original spay occurred when she was 6 months...
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