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Questions in the Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Forum are being answered by Dr. Patricia Pitts, PhD, a Clinical Psychologist from The Bella Vita Program - CA.
My sister is 15, 5 foot 8.5 inches tall and 155 lbs. She thinks she is fat and will not listen to anyone who tells her she isnt. There is...
hey, a few months ago my boyfriend broke up with me, we had been together for over a year. Soon after this happened i lost all appetite ...
Alright, so i'm a female. I have many diferent things going on. But i am mainly worried about this, I've been getting extremely neasous. ...
I dont know what am doing on this thing but i need to know what anorexia is. Can you suffer from stomach pain with it. Do you need to b...
so im actually recovering from anorexia i was anorexic for 3 years, but now that im actually recovering and eating some what i get this r...
how can i can cope with weight changes in eating disorder recovery? I have eating disorder not otherwise specified had it since 7th grad...
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