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This expert forum is for discussions relating to generalized anxiety, anxiety and eating, anxiety and sleeping, mood swings, panic attacks and panic disorders. All questions will be answered by a medical professional or expert.
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Can xaxax and seroquel be mixed
I live in a small town, actually a native American reservation where we have free but poor health care, we rarely get to see a dr more th...
I have a son who will be 2 in April I'm 8 months pregnant my husband works full time and my anxiety is getting worse like to the point wh...
Im a 31 y/o female, working mom of 2, married for 7 years. Since my father passed away 5 months ago I started having panic attacks, somet...
I have battled GAD and depression for most of my adult life. I have graduated to Conversion Disorder with most of the classic symptoms s...
Hi Doctor, I do don't know what to do with this... Everything was good before. these days feeling very low and depressed, feels like c...
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