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Ever since I was diagnosed with a URI and been placed on different meds which I'm now off of, I've felt like I just came out of a bad car...
I was put on Prednisone 40mg for 5 days for lingering breathing problems from a URI. I knew this med was bad the moment I popped in my mo...
My heart has been fluttering and when i am feeling my pulse when i have a flutter my pulse stops then starts once the flutter has stopped...
Hello, any recommendations on over the counter supplements or vitamins to naturally help with anxiety and or insomnia?
Hi, I suffer from extreme panic when I have to drive in snow/ice situations. Does anyone out there deal with this anxiety? If so how d...
Hi., I am currently on 30 mg lexapro but having depression and anxiety again. My doc said I could ramp up to 40 but I have researched o...
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