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I am 45 year old diagnosed w severe anxiety on 7/2/2022 I had a massive panic attack right arm fell asleep during sleep woke up on pani...
Hi, I’ve had an HIV phobia for a number of years, and have previously received great risk advice on the HIV Prevention forum. My reaso...
alright i've been having this depersonalization for almost 2 months now i noticed that i don't have anxiety that much anymore, but in tho...
Has anyone tried the linden method? ive been feeling anxious for about 2 months now i want to know if anyone has tried it and it acually ...
My questions are difficult and unique. But here I go with #1. How long can Xanax withdrawals last, I was on a 90 script of 2mg which is t...
Hi i am a 17 year old male who works out a lot and lives a pretty healthy life. Ive never really had depression or anxiety until recently...
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