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I am on several medications for Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety and every day I feel intense physical pain. Could it be my medications? I do...
Have social anxiety sometimes..at the peak of a panic attack i experienced a bit of ejaculation..it was about 3 years ago while taking a ...
I have some symptoms going on and I just wanted to see if I was alone or if anyone has any idea as to what is going on with me. So, about...
I've never had actual vaginal sex with a woman I have had a woman give me oral sex I've received it probably about 5 times in my life and...
Can stress cause strokes or heart attacks even if all factors are good (i.e low normal bp, np bad chol, triglycerides, etcc...) ?? Is it ...
I have a symptom that so far I haven't been able to find an answer. I am actually not a native English speaker but a few years ago when I...
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