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I’m wondering if Buspar can cause migraines? I’ve read so many posts (elsewhere) about it making people dizzy, nauseous and have headache...
I went to a dentist yesterday. It was just a normal checkup where the dentist used her magnifying glass instrument and then used a suctio...
Hello everyone. Thank you in advance. I am writing some issues of my friend. Please go through all of this. "I have been suffering fr...
Long story short. I have had bouts with anxiety in the past, always presenting as pain in some part of the body. The first time I exper...
I started having problems back in June of 2022. I was on the way to work one morning then out of no where I started feeling weird and my ...
I'm a bit confused on how benzodiazepines, in particularly Xanax works in regards to breathing suppression, recently I found out that ben...
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